About Basingstoke Tweetup

What is Basingstoke Tweetup?

Basingstoke Tweetup is a free monthly social event held at the Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke, to meet people, make friends and have some laughs. Consider it our attempt at bringing “social networking” back into the Real World™.

When are they?

They are always held on the second Thursday of each month, 8pm until 11pm.

Are there any requirements to come?

The general requirements are that you live in or around Basingstoke, and that you use Twitter. However, that’s not a strict guideline, so if you just work in (or are visiting) Basingstoke, or you’re interested in Twitter but don’t use it, then feel free to come along – the emphasis is on being social, not being recruited into a select group.

Does it cost anything to attend the Tweetup?

It’s free to attend – we just meet in a pub, so as there’s no hiring fees or anything, there’s no cost to the organiser. The only cost to you is your time and a smile.
For our first meet in April 2009, the event was sponsored by The Escape who were kind enough to pick up the bar tab for the whole evening, so in this case, it didn’t cost the attendees anything for drink or snacks either! Kudos to The Escape, as they also created the Basingstoke Tweetup logo too.

I would like to come! How do I let you know?

If you’re on Twitter already, then follow @bsktweetup. Once it gets closer to the date of the next meet, a link to an invite will be posted on there (or see the top right of this site), at which point you can follow the instructions and tweet a Yes reply (or No or Maybe), and the invite will then track who’s coming and who can’t make it.
If you’re not on Twitter, then feel free to let me know via the contact page, or just turn up on the night.

How often are the Tweetups?

We’ve meet up on the 2nd Thursday of each month. This keeps it all fresh so people have lots of time to think of new stuff to talk about. Other social events involving members of the group may happen at other times too.

How will I recognise the group?

We’re usually the biggest group in the bar of the Red Lion Hotel, seated in the comfy chairs by the TV. Look on the table for a piece of A4 paper with our logo on it too.

Do you have a hashtag for these events?

Yes! #bsktweetup is the hashtag we use, first used by Jamie. Use that to search Twitter for the latest news about it.

What happens at the Tweetups?

You arrive, grab yourself a drink, then introduce yourself and get stuck in! Chances are you’ll know a few people, by Twitter username if not in person, so you’re not alone. You stay until you want or have to leave.

Are you all geeks chatting about techy stuff?

Far from it! Sure, we have a few techies in the group, and as a common bond of the group is Twitter, then chat can glance in the techy direction, but other topics covered at the first meet involved waxing, Americans in wars, writing, fashion, current news events, saving money, holidays, local Basingstoke stuff, and other things you’d expect from a general social event.

I will be visiting Basingstoke so can I come along?

Definitely; the more the merrier! Get in contact and we can provide directions to the venue and be on the lookout for you.


Give us a go – come for an hour and if you like the atmosphere, then stay a little longer! We’re an easy-going group of people local to Basingstoke who just want to have an enjoyable evening. Did I mention the emphasis was on being social? :-)

Take a look in the sidebar for details of the next event – hit the Yes/Maybe/No button, and once you’re logged into Twitter, you’ll be added to the relevant list.